Happy Holidays 2020

December 23, 2020 celeste Hot Yoga and Pilates Center Comments Off on Happy Holidays 2020

This year started out the “Roaring 20’s” then as we all have experienced the Roar was silenced in March and continued for the majority of the year. Projects, lectures, education, fitness , exercise and most all human connectivity put on hold, we experienced closures and strict regulations. We are looking forward to a better 2021 as we try and navigate the “new normal”. Gratitude should lead your way, many of us have rediscovered moments and experiences that we would just pass by unnoticed because of the busy race that once created reasons to go faster. Sometimes these rediscovered grateful moments can change the course of life. I encourage all of us to continue to “Begin where we are Now “. If you are waiting for change or redirection, then we look from within for improvement and the opportunities daily for which we can create change not only for ourselves but others. Remember the feeling of giving, making others Happy? That starts from within, the win is within! 2020 is almost behind. Let’s take with us the learning , growing and challenging experiences, as these help build a stronger character. Merry Christmas and a very very very Happy New Year!